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the Social Enterprise.

Drive Engagement with Social Recognition, Ideation, Polling, Commenting, and Employee Engagement Surveys.

TemboSocial’s social software tools plug into any intranet to drive employee engagement and adoption.
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We engage over 1 million employees every day.

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Build Community

Build Community

How did RBC use TemboSocial Comments to involve 24,000 employees as ambassadors in their corporate social responsibility program?

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Drive Adoption

Drive Adoption

How did TD Bank leverage TemboSocial Recognition to drive and sustain adoption of their IBM Connections social business platform?

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Engage Employees

Engage Employees

How did DTE Energy use TemboSocial Polls to engage, educate and involve over 10,000 employees to defeat a federal ballot initiative?

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What's Possible With TemboSocial?

Social Recognition

Introduce Social Recognition

Who recognizes an individual’s contribution better than his or her co-workers? Use social recognition to drive engagement and performance in your workforce.


Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Engagement

Birthdays come once a year. Recognition should come whenever employees earn it. Keep your workforce engaged with our powerful recognition tools.

Idea Generation

Collaboration and Idea Generation

Knowledge resides at every level of your organization. Our software solutions turn that knowledge into a significant business asset by increasing collaboration and making it easy to capture, share, and access new ideas.

two way dialogue

Create Two-Way Dialogue

Use the innovative conversational tools by TemboSocial  to build dynamic two-way dialogue with audiences of any size.


conversation consultants

Conversation Consultants

We’re not just conversation starters, we’re conversation architects.


Drive Adoption       

How do you launch a successful social initiative? We can help at every stage from stakeholder buy-in to wide-scale program roll-out.

How do you launch a successful social initiative? We can help at every stage from stakeholder buy-in to wide scale program roll-out.
TemboSocial partners

IBM Connections      

TemboSocial meets key IBM Social Business integration standards. We help IBM’s customers increase employee recognition and engagement by integrating our solutions with IBM platforms.



SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 app integration offer “plug and play” simplicity for SharePoint customers who are looking to add social programs and drive platform adoption.



Jive customers can easily add TemboSocial tools, communities, places or groups via the Jive HTML Widget or as a Tile.

Leading companies turn to TemboSocial 
to foster engagement with customers and employees.

Baker Hughes
TD Bank

Learn How Kodak Uses TemboSocial to Engage Employees

“We wanted a tool that was educational but at the same time interactive and fun. TemboSocial Polls has been a way to educate employees about the products, strategy and heritage of Kodak as well as to help them feel a part of something larger – the big picture.” - Jeanne Eason, Corporate Communications, Kodak

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Power of conversation

One of the top drivers of profit and productivity in any business is the attitude of their employees. Engaged workers, who are committed to the mission of the enterprise and satisfied with their jobs, are both more productive and more profitable. Unfortunately for many organizations, there is a long road to get to these levels of engagement.

Successful Social Enterprise

Every enterprise is social. Buying, selling, trading, and negotiating are all social activities. Somewhere along the line, as businesses grow, communications begin to break down, workgroups become silos, and customers become numbers. The good news is that today’s conversational technologies can reduce the distance between people in your organization, improving collaboration and boosting productivity.