TemboSocial Products

Empowering the Social Enterprise.

Our products fit with your existing intranet infrastructure - Jive, IBM Connections, SharePoint or home-built.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler, " - Albert Einstein.

We measure each and every product against that maxim.


TemboSocial Recognition


TemboSocial Recognition is a non-monetary system of recognition that changes how you motivate and retain employees, how your company celebrates successes and how you reinforce your corporate culture and values.

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls

Surveys, Forms & Polls

TemboSocial Polls & Surveys is unique in its ability to let you ask a series of online questions that unfold like true dialogue. It helps you communicate through quick, continuous exchanges. It's effective because it taps into people's fundamental desire to declare their opinions, and to see how they compare to others.

TemboSocial Ideas


TemboSocial Ideas takes brainstorming sessions out from behind closed doors. It moves them online to a collaborative platform where there is no limit to participants, or ideas. It captures information, jump-starts dialogue, and helps to determine priority.

TemboSocial Comments


TemboSocial Comments makes it easy to moderate and encourage dialogue. It provides a place for employees to meet for conversation, regardless of their place on the org chart or geographic location. Organizations that encourage this reap the rewards: user-generated content, an exchange of ideas, and the sharing of experiences.

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