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Empowering the Social Enterprise

Our products fit with your existing intranet infrastructure - Jive, IBM Connections, SharePoint, Office 365 or home-built.

TemboSocial Recognition

A highly visible, unified, values-based employee recognition program inside your Intranet. Modernize your formal Awards and Nomination program.

Create rich, multi-question Surveys, Forms, Polls, Quizzes and Learning & Development modules. Deeply integrated with your Intranet.

TemboSocial Ideas

Take brainstorming sessions out from behind closed doors. Move them to a collaborative space inside your Intranet where there is no limit to participants, or ideas.

TemboSocial Comments

Create a place where you can moderate and encourage dialogue among your employees, regardless of their role or geographic location. Benefits include user-generated content, an exchange of ideas, and the sharing of experiences.

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