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An online poll and survey tool for marketers and internal communicators.

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"TemboSocial was one of the most successful tactics for us in this Blue Water campaign. In the first day we had over 10,000 people take the quiz. I’ve never seen numbers like that."  - Lynn Patterson, Director of Corporate Responsibility, RBC

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Easy to Create

A feature rich, yet simple interface makes it easy for you to design projects with multiple branches, questions, and endings. Participants can self-select what they are interested in, allowing you to segment your audience, deliver highly relevant content and drive participants to deeper content pages.



Polls, Quizzes and Contests

Create polls to gather feedback, quizzes with scoring to test knowledge and contests with leaderboards to drive engagement.

One tool that offers your marketing and communications program infinite options.



Image Polls

Make your marketing and communications rich and engaging with image driven polls.

Image Polls and Quizzes open a world of possibility and are certain to deliver the highest engagement rates yet.



Inline and Popup Polls

Choose what type of poll and survey experience you want to create. Polls and surveys can be inline, creating an immersive experience, popup for when space is limited, or shared as a direct link.



Publish Anywhere

Polls can live on your public web site, intranet, email or on mobile devices. Once live, polls can be changed at any time without having to touch any code on your site directly from TemboSocial's web-based secure login.



Learn how TemboSocial helped DTE Energy engaged DTE's workforce of 10,000 employees, create a participation rate of 2x for each employee on average and drove over 45,000 impressions on Facebook using the TemboSocial Poll Connect feature.

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Leverage Your Social Networks


Leverage Your Social Networks

Connect allows everyone to share their Poll participation on Facebook or Twitter. Leverage the social networks of your audience to share your message far and wide.  

Connect is an excellent supplement to a costly media buy, or as a way to have employees become an army of ambassadors as they direct their friends and family to new product announcements, YouTube videos, or offers and events. 

Drive Awareness and Engagement 

Drive Awareness and Engagement

Easily create polls from existing content. Create a virtuous circle using the themes in your published articles and announcements to create polls that reach more people on more pages and drive them to the full story.



Mobile First

The TemboSocial Mobile First program ensures that TemboSocial Polls is fully functional on all mobile devices.

Poll Reporting


Reporting and Analytics

Create reports on subsets of the data captured for each poll with built-in filtering. Filter data based on: Question answer, Date, Language, Geographic location, Poll location (URL), and Custom fields.

Learn how our software engages over 1 million employees each day.


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