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3 common failings of formal awards programs

Steven Green
by Steven Green on September 20, 2017

3 common failings of formal awards programs | TemboSocialThe pain points tied to the annual awards program are legendary. The most common complaints we hear are that nomination volumes are low year after year and the end-to-end management of the awards process ranges from frustrating, all the way to torturous.   

Is this familiar to you as well, where everyone dreads the process except maybe the award winner - assuming the process results in the most deserving candidate being selected?

Here are 3 reasons that may explain why your formal awards program is failing:

  1. Low nomination volume - Employees know who the rock stars are in your company; they work with them every day. Nothing does long-term harm to your awards program like selecting a less than deserving winner in the eyes of your employees. If your program is not visible and easily accessible, then you are probably seeing low nomination volume, possibly selecting the wrong winner, and likely diminishing the value of the awards program for your company.

  2. Reviewing and shortlisting - After nominations are submitted, the reviewing and shortlisting phase begins. At this point, program success is dependent on the people or committees assigned to review and advance the best possible candidates. As the program owner, you struggle with timely feedback and a worrying lack of transparency over the candidate review process. The question remains; are the most deserving employees being presented to the Award Committee?

  3. Workflow management and reporting - Enterprise award programs are more than a nice-to-have. They exist to shape culture, retain talent and sustain business success. Business success is dependent on proper workflows and timely reporting. Think of the investments your company has made in the past three years and it will surely include modern systems such as ERP, Finance or HRIS. Not having real-time reporting and transparency into the nomination and shortlisting activity means that you are flying blind, unlike the other departments who have the proper tools.

If any of these pain points sound all too familiar, the TemboSocial Awards and Nominations module is the modern solution for your enterprise awards program. It integrates directly with your Intranet, leveraging your existing IT investment and taking advantage of up-to-date employee data. Awards and Nominations makes the entire process of managing your formal awards and nominations easier and more efficient for participants, reviewers and administrators.

Learn more about how you can modernize your formal awards program.

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Steven Green
Written by Steven Green

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