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3 ways an employee recognition program helps managers be better managers

Elysha Ames
by Elysha Ames on December 6, 2016

Managing people isn't easy. According to Peter Drucker, the job of a manager is divided into 5 basic tasks: setting objectives, organizing, motivating and communicating, measuring, and developing people. The last task - the role of developing people - is a fairly new part of a manager's job. With the advent of the knowledge worker, people are a company's greatest asset and its up to managers to develop those people. That's no small job.

But here's the good news - the right recognition program can help managers be better managers. A highly visible recognition program that encourages employees to recognize their peers' successes, achievements, and contributions helps managers be better managers in 3 ways:

TemboSocial Recognition1. Removes recognition bottlenecks

Employees have the best view of the great things their colleagues do each day. That's why a recognition program should allow any employee to recognize any of their colleagues. When recognition can come from anywhere - not just top down - the program can do more than dole out thanks; it can uncover the great things employees are doing every day that would otherwise go unseen.

2. Provides clear visibility

Even though managers may not be the starting point for employee recognition, it is crucial that managers have a real-time view of what's happening with their team. A recent study revealed that the average white collar worker in the US spends 7.4 hours each weekday checking email. That's why TemboSocial designed its recognition program to deliver managers an email whenever their employees are recognized by their peers. This ensures that contibutions and successes occurring outside of the direct view of the manager are captured and shared so they never go unnoticed.

3. Identifies and fosters talent

Adding to Peter Drucker's note that one of the manager's tasks is to develop people, part of that job also includes identifying rising stars and fostering them. TemboSocial's In-App Reports allow managers to view and track their employees’ accomplishments in real-time, which can easily be leveraged when it's time for performance reviews. 

TemboSocial Recognition In-App Reports

Managing people is no small task. With the right programs and tools in place, an organization can not only maximize the potential of its managers, but it can allow employees to discover new ways of working that result in better outcomes for the entire business. It's a win-win for everyone!

Learn more about how non-monetary employee recognition can help managers be better managers when integrated inside the company Intranet.

non-monetary social recognition


Elysha Ames
Written by Elysha Ames

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