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Want Better Employee Engagement? Use your Employee Portal.

Steven Green
by Steven Green on October 17, 2018

What do you do first thing when you get to work? If your answer is “check your email” you know what it’s like to fall down the rabbit hole. Email messages drive your attention to very particular issues. While these messages may or may not be important to handle right now, they tend to narrow your focus and put “blinders” on to your surroundings.

Now let’s say that your company has SharePoint or another flavor of enterprise portal that gives you a dashboard-view of corporate news, events and announcements. Checking in with the community has a way of broadening your focus and giving you a sense of being part of a larger group.

Pivot from News to Dialog

Isn’t it great to see what the bigger community is doing? What could be better than that?Want better employee engagement?

Well, what if you could give workers a voice so they could start a dialog with the enterprise? What if they had an opportunity to weigh-in with their opinions? Giving employees a feedback loop is the starting point to developing dynamic, two-way conversation within your organization.

TemboSocial has modern, secure tools to make your enterprise portal relevant, timely and conversational. For instance if you use SharePoint you can easily install TemboSocial’s Employee Feedback suite to power up your engagement experience.

One strategy that is particularly effective is to follow articles with a quiz, survey or a poll. These tools give workers a simple way to interact with the news that they just read. Even better, these conversational tools provide real-time feedback so that employees can see how they compare to their coworkers -- and Communicators can measure the ‘temperature’ of the discussion.

The Power of Being Heard

One of the things that workers consistently say that they want from their organizations is to know that they are being heard by management. TemboSocial Feedback is a powerful way to ensure that employees have a voice in the company, and communicate back to them that leadership is willing to act on their input.

Because TemboSocial Feedback provides a native app experience inside SharePoint, it is easy to set up and easy to administer. TemboSocial is flexible enough for you to use in dozens of creative ways. And if you’re feeling a little bit “blocked” creatively we have Conversation Consultants on hand to walk you through a best-practices approach to building dialog in your organization.

If you want to see a real-world example of this kind of conversation in action, take a look at this TemboSocial Feedback for SharePoint video tour:




Steven Green
Written by Steven Green

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