Create an army of employee ambassadors through surveys, quizzes, and polls
During the 2012 U.S. Federal Election, DTE Energy (an IBM Connections customer) wanted to educate and inform its 10,000 employees about the realities of Proposal 3 for the State of Michigan which largely misrepresented the negative financial impact the bill would have on the general public. DTE's goal was to leverage its workforce as an Army of Ambassadors to vote 'no', reaching across networks of family, friends and associates.

DTE ran a campaign of 7 "Myth Buster" Polls which saw impressive results:

  • Engaged DTE's workforce of 10,000 employees
  • Created a participation rate of 2x for each employee on average

"The Myth Buster polls were a great way to engage our employees around this issue, it gave us a fun venue to teach employees more about Proposal 3 and drive them to take action. We were very pleased with the level of participation and of course, the end result. TemboSocial was easy to work with and supported us through every step of the process as we implemented this new tool." - Lonnie Ross DTE Energy’s manager of Internal Communication


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