TemboSocial Recognition

TemboSocial Recognition

Amplify the frequency and reach of employee recognition.

TemboSocial Recognition
Karey Stanley, TD
"Our President and CEO Tim Hockey was concerned that, while the heroic stories were important, what’s really important to us is the little things that people do every day that enable them to connect emotionally with customers – and those are the things we wanted to share."
- Karey Stanley, Manager Global Recognition Programs, TD Bank  

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For your company

TemboSocial Recognition transforms recognition into a business asset by celebrating success and reinforcing desired behaviors. Achieve a unique strategic competitive advantage driven by your culture, your people, and their stories.
For your company

Daily Digest for Managers

For managers

TemboSocial Recognition helps managers be better managers. The peer-to-peer nature allows more employee contributions to be captured and shared across the enterprise.

Manager Daily Digest emails keep everyone up-to-date on the contributions of their employees, ensuring that successes occurring outside of the direct view of the manager are captured and shared.

For employees

TemboSocial Recognition builds personal legacy. It creates a record of an employee’s accomplishments and raises their profile. This results in greater day-to-day satisfaction and commitment.
Recognition Received

WSPS Case Study | TemboSocial Recognition
Learn how WSPS leveraged TemboSocial Recognition to bring 3 different cultures into a single conversation around achievement and accomplishment.
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Peer Recognition | TemboSocial

Peer Recognition

Employees have the best view of the great things their colleagues do each day. 

TemboSocial Recognition makes it easy for employees to recognize each other in a quick and meaningful way. Employees are more engaged when their work gets noticed, and the manager's job becomes easier when she gets better visibility of her team's accomplishments.

The Social Trophy Case

Think about how many awards programs exist within your company: service awards, sales champion awards, quarterly awards, annual gala CEO awards, learning and development certification, etc.  Despite the investment in these culture-shaping programs, there is rarely a way for any employee to easily display their accomplishments.

TemboSocial Recognition is designed to amplify the frequency and reach of recognition in your company by being the Social Trophy Case for all your corporate awards programs.  When employees can easily see all their accomplishments, they are more likely to feel that they are making progress in their career, and more likely to stay.

Display Awards and Recognition | TemboSocial

Nominate and Award your employees inside TemboSocial Recognition

A modern solution for your formal awards program

The Awards and Nominations module makes the entire process of managing your awards and nominations easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for participants, reviewers and administrators.

Not only will your employees love the experience, but the streamlining of this often taxing process will make you love it too. Here’s why:

  • Increase visibility of your Awards program with the Awards Showcase
  • Easily configure Shortlisting workflows
  • Total transparency of Nomination activity in real-time


The TemboSocial Mobile First program ensures that Recognition is fully functional on all mobile devices.

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TemboSocial Recognition for Mobile

TemboSocial Recognition Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Managers today are overloaded. TemboSocial Recognition provides timely reports to keep mangers in the loop.

Senior management can discover informal networks that exist within your company so they can tap into and foster these hubs of productivity and collaboration. For the first time, senior management can see how the company really works. Prepare to be surprised.

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Boost employee performance in your organization

Transform employee recognition into a business asset by celebrating success and rewarding desired behaviours.

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