TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls for SharePoint and Office 365

TemboSocial Feedback for SharePoint

Surveys | Forms | Polls | Quizzes

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls for SharePoint and Office 365

Features & Benefits

Easy to create

A feature rich, yet simple interface makes it easy for you to design surveys, forms,  polls and quizzes with multiple questions, endings and advanced skip logic. 

Segment your audience, deliver highly relevant content and drive participants to deeper content pages.


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Create a new project in minutes

TemboSocial Feedback Quick Create let's you cut and past from Microsoft Word, Google Docs or any other text file.  You can also type your questions directly into the Quick Create screen. 

Multiple uses

An integrated solution for all versions of Microsoft SharePoint. Create rich, multi-question surveys, forms, polls, quizzes and learning & development modules that engage, educate and drive your audience to deeper content pages.

TemboSocial Feedback provide your enterprise with a single solution to create:

  • Surveys for measurement and feedback
  • Polls to gather opinions
  • Quizzes with scoring to test knowledge. Learning and Development made easy
  • Forms to capture data directly to Excel


Add logic to collect precision feedback

Advanced logic to satisfy every use-case:

>  Skip This Page - Based on answers to previous questions

>  Conditional Page Questions - Show questions based on Participant Answers

>  On Page Submit - Send participants to other pages based on their answers


Deep platform integration with SharePoint 

TemboSocial Feedback is another productivity tool readily available in the menu alongside Outlook, Word and Excel.

Leverage your SharePoint investment by offering key businesses tools integrated inside the Intranet.

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Mobile Access

Eliminate the cost and fruitless effort of trying to get your employees to download yet another work-related app on their personal device.

TemboSocial integration into SharePoint Online delivers automatic mobile access directly within the SharePoint app. One App to rule them all!

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Enrich your communications efforts

Engage, educate and drive your audience to deeper content pages with TemboSocial Feedback.

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