RBC Blue Water Day - Case Study

The RBC Blue Water Project is a 10-year global charitable commitment of $50 million to help provide access to drinkable, swimmable, fishable water, now and for future generations.

The ongoing challenge with this initiative has been to engage employees by giving them concrete actions to help protect water, while sustaining their interest and involvement in the RBC Blue Water Project. In 2013, the company created RBC Blue Water Makeovers to tackle both of these challenges.

By leveraging TemboSocial Comments and Surveys, Forms & Polls, read about how RBC was able to:

  • Engage over 24,000 employees in the RBC Blue Water Project
  • Present the location and details of 850 projects around the world
  • Record over 2,700 comments and share 600 photos of employees' meaningful efforts

"TemboSocial went above and beyond the traditional use of TemboSocial Comments to produce Makeover Central, an incredibly creative platform to engage our employees in RBC Blue Water Day. Thanks to the smart, intuitive design that TemboSocial created for us, we’ve seen a 150% increase in employee participation since we created RBC Blue Water Makeovers in 2013." 

- Heather Colquhoun, Manager Corporate Citizenship at RBC

Download the case study to learn how you can leverage TemboSocial's tools to tackle a seemingly impossible employee engagement challenge like RBC did.

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