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Sustaining productivity and positivity

Create a culture of appreciation for employees - anywhere they do their work.

Employee Recognition for Microsoft Teams

Recognize colleagues where they work

The goal of any good employee engagement program is to increase the frequency and reach of meaningful recognition. The best - and least costly - way to make this a reality, is to leverage the tools your employees already use every day.

That’s why TemboSocial has introduced a deep integration for Microsoft Teams.  With this new addition, TemboSocial brings a modern, highly visible recognition program to the entire Microsoft Suite: SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer and now, Teams!

TemboSocial Recognition in Teams - Desktop

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  • Recognition is instantly available to all employees who use SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer or Teams
  • No need to support or incur the expense of a separate stand-alone vendor app 
  • Employees are notified right inside Teams when they receive recognition; alongside the other business notifications they are already tuned into
  • New employees are automatically discoverable in the recognition program the day they join the Company. No separate systems management required.
  • Social Recognition, Formal Awards and Nominations management and Points and Rewards.  All in one amazing package!


Points and Rewards Too!

Recognize and reward your team with catalog that will make any employee smile!

Points and Rewards

The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with this company. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of, and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.  

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COVID Communications Kit

This COVID Communications Kit from TemboSocial is a toolset to craft messages, collect insights and involve employees in the feedback loop.

Leverage your Intranet investment with integrated solutions

Leverage your Intranet investment with TemboSocial's integrated solutions

Whether you use Jive, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, YammerIBM Connections, Igloo or an Intranet built in-house, TemboSocial will show you how to leverage your investment to:

  • Drive engagement and platform adoption
  • Add modern, secure tools that fill existing feature gaps
  • Reduce vendor and ecosystem costs

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TemboSocial Case Studies

Case Studies

WSPS bringing cultures together

After merging three organizations to create a new association, WSPS used TemboSocial Recognition to bring people together around common values.

BMO Digital Leadership

BMO took the bold step of involving their employees as "co-creators" in shaping an innovative new digital leadership strategy for their customers, using TemboSocial Ideas.

What our clients say

TemboSocial has a very strong and experienced customer base. In a sense we get to benefit from the experience of other organizations because there’s so much business intelligence built into the platform. Add to this the knowledge transfer we got from TemboSocial’s team and we had a lot of support behind us to make this initiative successful.
Julian Mills, Head Corporate Intranet
Julian Mills
- Head, Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media, BMO
The team at TemboSocial really went above and beyond with helping us to launch our recognition program. We couldn’t be more pleased with their customer service and just how smooth the whole process was. Because of their easy-to-follow onboarding, attention to detail, and fast responses, we now have this amazing tool to share with the company.
Jason Aulicino, New Relic
Jason Aulicino
- Training Specialist, New Relic
We wanted to keep the campaign very grassroots and grounded in feedback from front line employees. The conversation was intended to be peer-to-peer and while executives didn’t play a leadership role in the challenges, they participated in the conversation alongside our teams across Canada and encouraged their groups to participate and lead.
Kerry Gaetano, Director Corp Comms
Kerry Gaetano
- Director, Corporate Communications, BMO
We know the drive to create internal community is starting to pay off. To be able to showcase the individual expertise of our staff and what they are doing provides colleagues a look at what they could be doing and an opportunity to reach out to one another. It’s one thing if your supervisor recognizes you. It’s even better when that’s coming from your peers without being prompted and being shared. Until we did this, I don’t think we understood the value of the emotional commitment we weren’t tapping into before.
Elizabeth Mills, CEO
Elizabeth Mills
- CEO, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS)
We came into our partnership with TemboSocial with a feeling that we had taken organic adoption of social enterprise technology as far as we could and found in TemboSocial Recognition a promising new tool that could bring about a step change in behavior.
Erik Gottesman, Publicis-Sapient
Erik Gottesman
- Director of Collaboration, Sapient
TemboSocial was one of the most successful tactics for us in the Blue Water campaign. In the first day we had over 10,000 people take the quiz. I’ve never seen numbers like that.
Lynn Patterson, RBC
Lynn Patterson
- Director of Corporate Responsibility, RBC
The Myth Buster polls were a great way to engage our employees around this issue, it gave us a fun venue to teach employees more about Proposal 3 and drive them to take action. We were very pleased with the level of participation and of course, the end result. TemboSocial was easy to work with and supported us through every step of the process as we implemented this new tool.
Lonnie Ross, DTE
Lonnie Ross
- Manager of Internal Communications, DTE Energy
Our President and CEO Tim Hockey was concerned that, while the heroic stories were important, what’s really important to us is the little things that people do every day that enable them to connect emotionally with customers – and those are the things we wanted to share.
Karey Stanley, TD Bank
Karey Stanley
- Manager, Global Recognition Programs, TD Bank
Since adding TemboSocial’s apps into our Jive communities, we’ve gained valuable insight into employee and customer opinions and sentiment. Not only do we have full control over how TemboSocial’s Surveys, Forms and Polls are configured, we can also segment audiences and deliver highly relevant content to the right people in the organization at the right time. This has been a great addition to our collaboration hub.”
Nicole Fuselier, Viavi Solutions
Nicole Fuselier
- Director of Digital Strategy, Viavi Solutions
Thanks to TemboSocial, the ‘Greystone Shout Out’ has become an important component of our employee culture. This online tool allows us to instantly recognize each other when employees personify the Greystone culture. TemboSocial Recognition was a perfect fit for the culture we envisioned.
Claudia Schiepers, Greystone
Claudia Schiepers
- Chief Marketing Officer, Greystone
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