Case Study: WSPS Bringing Cultures Together

TemboSocial Recognition

Three associations with their own deeply rooted cultures merged to create Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS). An initial employee survey revealed that employee recognition had suffered during the merger.

Working with TemboSocial, WSPS was able to develop a strategy for using employee recognition as a tool to bring the different cultures into a single conversation around achievement and accomplishment.

TemboSocial Recognition was the tool of choice for WSPS as it met two of their very important requirements - it integrated seamlessly with their SharePoint intranet and it made it easy for employees to recognize the contributions of their coworkers.

With a creative teaser campaign to launch the program and strong encouragement and participation from senior leadership, the program kicked off with huge success.

Download this case study to learn:

  • what made their strategy so successful
  • the positive outcomes of the employee recognition program
  • how they sustain adoption and participation within the program and their SharePoint intranet today

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