How TemboSocial Drives Adoption of IBM Connections

TD Bank, a TemboSocial and IBM Connections software client, saw opportunity for improvement. The bank asked TemboSocial to replace its manual, Internet-based version of their recognition solution with a version created for its newly implemented Connections platform. This opportunity opened the door for TemboSocial to:

  • Transform recognition into a more customizable tool that would integrate quickly and easily into existing infrastructures
  • Provide a feature set that would help sustain social platform adoption over months or even years

“We wanted to create a solution that would help all IBM Connections customers build meaningful relationships while driving sustained adoption of social business platforms.”

— Steven Green, President and CEO, TemboSocial Inc.


Discover what TemboSocial has to offer for IBM Connections customers:

Idea Generation - TemboSocial Ideas

Employee Recognition - TemboSocial Recognition

Surveys, Forms, Quizzes, Learning & Development modules - TemboSocial Feedback 

IBM Connections Integration

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