Collaboration software for generating and sharing ideas

Build a culture of innovation.



“We don’t emphasize traditional analytics. Instead we use what I call ‘true engagement metrics.’ Those numbers come almost entirely out of TemboSocial. I think of TemboSocial beyond the tool set. They are critical thinkers and good thought partners.” - Susan Cleveland, Director of European Communications



Build a culture of innovation 

Tap into the power of your organization’s brain trust by bringing everyone together for a common cause. Identify talent and solutions. Good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their role in your organization. Search for ideas or add a new one. Motivate and engage with Daily Digest emails to keep contributors coming back.



Change your organizational DNA

TemboSocial Ideas helps organizations make innovation part of their DNA. It captures employee ideas, jump-starts dialogue, and helps to determine priority. Foster a culture of innovation, identify talent and sustain engagement.


Tackle today’s challenges and drive tomorrow’s solutions

We’ve made Ideas easy to use. Comprehensive reports provide real-time insights. Moderation offers comfort and control. 

Specify the issues you want your audience to focus their collective wisdom on. Only the best ideas rise to the top, while creating an archive that can be searched at any time to spotlight themes or contributors.

While knocking it out of the park may be the dream, small ideas can add up to big wins.



Powerful reporting features

Who are the best ideas coming from? What challenges provoke the most discussion? What day of the week is best to pose a new challenge? All of these questions and more are revealed with the rich reporting behind the simple frontend of TemboSocial Ideas.

Learn how our software engages over 1 million employees each day.