TemboSocial Ideas

TemboSocial Ideas

Collaboration software for generating, sharing, and discovering great ideas
TemboSocial Idea Collaboration software
Julian Mills, BMO
"TemboSocial has a very strong and experienced customer base. In a sense we get to benefit from the experience of other organizations because there’s so much business intelligence built into the platform." 
- Julian Mills, Head of Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media, BMO
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Features & Benefits

Create an active collaboration space

The user interface brings a contemporary feel to your idea discussions. TemboSocial Ideas leverages participant activity and profiles to create an exciting and lively collaboration space.    

When your internal tools work and feel like the social tools your employees use outside the office, you are able to boost participation and foster a culture of innovation.


Drive engagement and participation in idea discussions

Highlight the best ideas and most useful comments by peers

Bring out the best ideas and most useful comments

With Ideas you can leverage the crowd to do much more than just vote for the ideas they like; they can also classify comments submitted to each idea with social tagging.

Advanced algorithms reduce duplicate ideas. Fewer duplicate ideas contributes to higher levels of activity since there is less annoying repetition. Addressing duplicate ideas also ensures that energy of a great idea is not watered down across multiple discussions.

Run multiple idea discussions simultaneously

Multiple Idea discussions can run simultaneously in your environment. Community owners can easily add and configure their own idea discussion on the pages they manage.
Run multiple idea discussions simultaneously inside your Intranet

Assign experts and moderators to your idea discussions

Assign experts and moderators

Experts and Moderators can be added directly from the Settings tab.  

TemboSocial Ideas enables experts and moderators to curate the best contributions and update the activity state to reflect when an idea is closed, under review or graduated.

Apply tags and filters

The best ideas don't always come from one person. Empower participants to shape the conversation, surface meaningful content to others and contribute sentiment data to the reporting algorithm that will identify the most valuable ideas for each discussion.

Participants can filter between Top ideas, Trending ideas, Recent ideas or by the current review status. Easily keep track of all ‘Your Stuff’ where you are a contributor to an idea discussion. 

Apply tags and filters to track progress of the ideas

Leverage in-app reporting to track activity

Leverage in-app reporting

What challenges provoke the most discussion? Real time filters based on sentiment, recency and influence help discussion owners drill down into the most important activity.

Who are the best ideas coming from? Show participation by region, workgroup or role. Ensure you have participation from the required stakeholders before your campaign is completed!

Show activity stats by time so you can measure the impact of your campaign or see the results of your promotions.

Drive participation with banners

Add dynamic content streams to any page of your intranet. Banners drive traffic and increase participation in your online conversations.
Configure Ideas banners inside your Intranet

Integrate TemboSocial ideas into any intranet

Benefit from an integrated solution

TemboSocial Ideas integrates into any intranet, in any language and on any device so you can reach your audience wherever they are.

TemboSocial offers deep integration with Jive and IBM Connections social business platform versions 3, 4 and 4.5. Integration for Websphere Portal is also available. Deploy into your IBM environment in as little as two hours.

Integration with SharePoint 2007 & 2010 via web parts and 2013 via app parts offers “plug and play” simplicity for SharePoint customers who are looking to foster a culture of innovation.

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Take brainstorming out from behind closed doors

Crowdsource your next idea discussion with TemboSocial Ideas inside your Intranet

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