TemboSocial Comments and Ratings

TemboSocial Comments and Ratings

Social software to create online communities, with comments and ratings
Lynn Patterson, RBC
"We were looking for a technical solution that supports our employee “Makeover” campaign. We used TemboSocial Comments to create a social space—filled with employees’ comments and pictures. But for me, the real thrill was that we could use TemboSocial Comments like a publishing tool, and push communications to team champions easily and quickly, and in real time, rather than going through our traditional webmaster channel." 
- Lynn Patterson, Director of Corporate Responsibility, RBC
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Features & Benefits

Add commenting to your pages

TemboSocial Comments makes it easy to add rating and commenting to your site. It provides a place for your audience to ask questions, share comments and rate the content to inform other readers.  

Organizations that encourage this reap the rewards of user-generated content, an exchange of ideas, and the sharing of experiences. Improve your program adoption, shape your brand culture, and build online communities through collaboration and communication.

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Allow users to rate content and review content

Share ratings and reviews

Display average rating on any piece of content. Add ratings to your learning library, product pages or web content. 

Ratings can be incorporated into index pages to inform visitors which content others like or dislike - both are effective at driving more traffic to your content pages. Make the move from taxonomy to folksonomy.

Choose your level of content control

All it takes is a few lines of code added to your existing CMS templates and you’re ready to get everyone talking.

Moderate and publish comments, view comments in chronological order or by most recent. Allow for photo uploading and comment replies. Follow any comments using the follow feature and receive automated updates.

Choose your level of control over the content

Assign community managers and experts

Assign community managers and experts

Add visible hosts to your online conversation. Replies by experts are autopublished and identified with a configurable icon or image.

Leverage powerful reporting features

It’s easy to see what comment provoked the greatest response and how activity changes over time or geography.

The reporting lets you tag content with themes. You can quickly see where the commenting energy is in your community and identify the most influential contributors.



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Build your online community today

Leverage TemboSocial Comments and Ratings to manage and moderate webpage commenting in your internal or external communities.

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