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How to Drive Social Adoption

Posted by Steven Green   August 31, 2015

In Part Two of this Six-Part Blog Series on Social Business Strategy, we discuss the need for starting small when attempting to get massive participation across your organization.

Success with social business depends on getting widespread participation throughout your organization. There’s a paradox here - go for a big rollout and you could wind up with lackluster participation. Employees see that topics are sparse and conversations taper off before anything of value is delivered. Before you know it your social platform is a ghost town.

Starting small on the other hand gives you the option of delivering quality from the beginning. It’s much easier to draw people into conversations that are relevant and offer value. When you launch your social business on a small scale you have a better chance for managing the results.

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How to Get Leadership Buy In to the Social Business Strategy

Posted by Steven Green   August 24, 2015

In Part One of the Six-Part Blog Series on Social Business Strategy, we discuss the importance of getting senior leadership buy-in early in the process.

There’s a grim number that haunts executives, directors and managers - 70% of business change initiatives fail. That’s an alarmingly high rate of failure but it’s a number that keeps showing up in research spanning the last 20 years. And the main reason for this failure seems to be that strategies haven’t been completely thought-through or don’t have the support they need. According to Forbes Insights, one out of five of these failures can be tied to lack of commitment from key stakeholders.

How much support do you need for your social business initiative? According to change management expert John Kotter, 3 out of 4 senior leaders need to be convinced that change is necessary before a major cultural transformation can succeed.

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4 Ways Peer Recognition Makes Employee Performance Reviews Stronger

Posted by Steven Green   August 17, 2015

Is there anybody who likes the annual employee performance review? Employees hate being in the hot seat, managers hate the paperwork and HR hates the often arbitrary results.

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RBC Proves Online Social Engagement Translates Into Offline Results

Posted by Steven Green   August 10, 2015

When RBC launched the Blue Water Project in 2007, there was a small but significant online social engagement component. Employees could gather online at the “Blue Water Cooler” and discuss the importance of preserving freshwater resources. It started as a way to educate and inform employees about the bank’s commitment to preserving freshwater. It turned into a thriving community of people eager to roll up their sleeves and build something new in their real world neighborhoods.

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Media Mention: Connections+ - The Rise of the Digital Enterprise

Posted by Elysha Ames   August 5, 2015


For Denise Deveau’s article in Connections+, she explores how the digital enterprise is arguably the most significant milestone to have hit the business scene since the advent of the Internet Age. 

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People First: Chris Fraidakis, Director of Information Technology at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Posted by Steven Green   July 29, 2015

We’re tracking down TemboSocial users inside the world’s most amazing companies to discover their favorite tools, inspirations, pet peeves and the philosophy behind what makes them so awesome. This month, we chatted with Chris Fraidakis, Director of Information Technology at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

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Media Mention: InsightaaS - Cloud services going rogue on corporate intranets

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 28, 2015

In an article for InsightaaS published on July 22, 2015, Denise Deveau spoke to Julian Mills, Head of Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media for BMO Financial Group, and Steven Green, President and Founder of TemboSocial, about the importance of integrating cloud solutions into the corporate intranet for seamless and secure experiences.

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3 Strategies for Communicating Corporate Values

Posted by David Bator   July 17, 2015

I recently connected with a communications professional in a LinkedIn community who was searching for ideas about launching and communicating corporate values as part of a new culture progam. The corporate values were fairly standard -- an articulation of the mission and vision, and a series of values with the standards of behavior associated with each value.

During my career I've had experience both launching values programs and breathing new life to them. There are three key components to a program that thrives.

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Five Reasons Non Monetary Recognition is Better than Cash

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 8, 2015

Give a chicken a kernel of corn and it will play the piano. That was the premise of an old carnival game - where a trained chicken pecks on toy piano keys after a coin is dropped in the slot. The trick works pretty well but you can’t say that the chicken is engaged in the performance. The bird will not continue practicing its scales once the anticipated reward has been delivered.

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Media Mention: Ignite Mag - Click + Praise

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 6, 2015

In an interview with Ignite, TemboSocial Founder and President Steven Green talks about the power of social recognition programs that are integrated into the corporate intranet.

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