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The 7 ROIs of a non-monetary employee recognition program

Posted by Justina Dukelow   January 10, 2017

In the simplest of terms, employees can be trained to respond to a system of rewards. For example, bonuses, cash prizes, and extra vacation days can all be used to get employees to grind out a few extra hours each week. But as soon as the prize has been deliveredpeople will stop performing.

On the other hand, with a non-monetary employee recognition program in place - one where employees can define a personal legacy and leave their imprint on the organization - it can have a vastly different impact on employee behavior. When employees have the chance to tell the story of their ‘sum total of works’ as an employee, that facilitates growth and development.

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Employee recognition is a need, not a want

Posted by Justina Dukelow   January 3, 2017

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do," observed Henry Ford. Or, to put it another way, actions speak louder than words. In the world of enterprise, an employee’s personal legacy is the sum of their contributions, large and small, adding up to a tangible marker of value.

The right recognition program provides a platform to celebrate, share, and infuse the Intranet with these success stories. It delivers a record of an employee’s greatest hits to date. Why is this important? Because encouraging personal legacy through employee recognition has a powerful ripple effect, one that propels enterprise success.

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3 tips for making your organization more social

Posted by Justina Dukelow   December 13, 2016

Clichés about interdepartmental rivalries exist for a reason - because unfortunately, there is some truth to them. Sales and marketing have ongoing turf wars over resources, customer service doesn't understand why R & D doesn't stop in and ask questions, finance and legal aren't speaking to each other. Does any of this sound familiar in your organization? If yes, you'll want to know that social channels are one of the best ways to put some of these feuds to an end.

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3 ways an employee recognition program helps managers be better managers

Posted by Elysha Ames   December 6, 2016

Managing people isn't easy. According to Peter Drucker, the job of a manager is divided into 5 basic tasks: setting objectives, organizing, motivating and communicating, measuring, and developing people. The last task - the role of developing people - is a fairly new part of a manager's job. With the advent of the knowledge worker, people are a company's greatest asset and its up to managers to develop those people. That's no small job.

But here's the good news - the right recognition program can help managers be better managers. A highly visible recognition program that encourages employees to recognize their peers' successes, achievements, and contributions helps managers be better managers in 3 ways:

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Media mention: Priya Bates' Communicator Tool Box - Making employee recognition social

Posted by Justina Dukelow   November 29, 2016

How TemboSocial Recognition fits into Priya Bates' Communicator Tool Box

Award-winning communication executive (and 'TemboSocial Hall of Famer') Priya Bates, started a new blog series focussing on the Communicator's Tool Box. Featured in each blog is an emerging tool or technology that Priya has seen demonstrated and of which she believes has the potential to enhance corporate communication efforts. Her Number 1 rule of this series is that she only features proven solutions that she's personally excited about applying.

The third blog of this series is about making employee recognition social, featuring TemboSocial Recognition. Below is a quick summary of why TemboSocial Recognition fits into Priya's Communicator Tool Box or you can read the full blog here to learn more.

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5 keys to modernizing your formal awards program

Posted by Elysha Ames   November 22, 2016

Overcoming the three pitfalls impeding success of your enterprise awards program is much easier today than it was in past years. Internal channels to reach employees are freely available, updated Intranet systems leverage social connections and content syndication to amplify your program, and workflow management and reporting tools bring you the same advantage currently enjoyed by other lines of business in your company.

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3 common failings of formal awards programs

Posted by Elysha Ames   November 15, 2016

The pain points tied to the annual awards program are legendary. The most common complaints we hear are that nomination volumes are low year after year and the end-to-end management of the awards process ranges from frustrating, all the way to torturous.   

Is this familiar to you as well, where everyone dreads the process except maybe the award winner - assuming the process results in the most deserving candidate being selected?

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3 tips to writing a compelling first question in your poll or survey

Posted by Justina Dukelow   November 9, 2016

With over 69% of companies reporting that disengagement is a problem in their workplace, motivating and engaging employees is an obvious challenge. One way to overcome this challenge is to reach employees directly inside your company Intranet with Surveys, Forms & Polls

Maximizing reach and impact with your audience depends almost exclusively on the quality of your first question.  A good first question sets the tone, draws employees in and leaves them curious to see how their answer compares to the wider community. 

So what goes into writing a great first question? Here are 3 tips:

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How to leverage your recognition program for short-term campaigns

Posted by Elysha Ames   November 2, 2016

At one company, March marks Environment Month. The month is dedicated to encouraging employees to protect the environment, with the campaign being led by a small team within the Corporate Responsibility group. While the small but mighty team brings a lot of passion and skills to promoting Environment Month, in years past the initiative only had traction in small pockets of the organization.

The effort began with one division putting a concerted effort towards recycling soda bottles, a few sales reps starting to ride their bikes to work, and one manager making sure her team was paperless for the month. With every year that Environment Month continued to run, there were more examples of employees taking something on.

However, with only a small team in charge, it became difficult to share these efforts throughout the organization. Each year, they would write a recap article of Environment Month and battle for ever-so-competitive space in the company-wide newsletter. Knowing that this wasn’t the most effective approach to spread the word and drive program participation, the small team took to a new approach.

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How to build a corporate culture of courage during tough times

Posted by Steven Green   October 26, 2016

Part 3 of Blog Mini-Series: How to motivate employees during tough times

As discussed in Part 1 of this series, many businesses hit a rough patch now and then. These challenges can spiral out of control if employees are overcome with stress and dissatisfaction during this time. By openly communicating with your employees about the truth, you can prevent rumors that are often worse than the reality.

The second key is to inspire high employee performance by making everyone feel like a valued part of the team. When employees feel valued, they're more likely to stick with you for the long haul.

The third key to success is for leaders to sustain a corporate culture of courage to get through the tough times and end up on the right side of the fences. 

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