Engagement Matters

Is your leadership style fostering employee engagement?

Posted by Steven Green   September 23, 2016

Your organization is defined by more than just the industry you're in or the services you provide. Your success - and your image - is also shaped by your employee culture, the way you treat your employees and the relationships you have with customers. While these elements might not be the first thing you think of when you consider your company's identity and image, they can have a significant impact on the way people perceive your firm, your ability to attract and retain talent, the quality of your projects and ultimately your bottom line.

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How polls & surveys help HR communicate with employees

Posted by Steven Green   September 12, 2016

Employees are communicating and collaborating in ways we never thought possible 10 years ago. Today’s corporate Intranets aren’t all that different from the social networks that we all use to share information and keep up with each other’s lives. Their intuitive functionality of liking and sharing has opened new channels of communication for departments like Human Resources.

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Recognition is shifting gears, but where is it heading?

Posted by Steven Green   September 1, 2016

These are exciting times in the corporate world. Technology continues to change traditional thinking. We’re finding new and better ways to motivate and inspire. Article after article tells us that recognition is moving away from points and prizes. Led by the Intranet, we’re seeing a big shift towards the importance of experiences and interaction. Why? You can thank social media and the revolution of sharing. Doing meaningful work and feeling valued is becoming more important to employees than a big paycheck.

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5 ways to supercharge your employee culture

Posted by Steven Green   August 23, 2016

Money makes the world go ‘round … right? Not when it comes to employee culture and recognition. Handing your employee a $100 gift card in appreciation of a job well done might not rock their world in the ways you’d hoped. Companies spend vast amounts of money on rewards and recognition programs, yet one third of employees don’t feel recognized. When 30% of their lives are spent working, you can bet that feeling valued is extremely important to today's knowledge worker.

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Media mention: HRM Canada - Employers overlooking "base hits"

Posted by Justina Dukelow   August 15, 2016

TemboSocial's Founder and CEO, Steven Green, was interviewed for an article in HRM Canada called "Employers overlooking 'base hits'". This article addresses the fact that while celebrating major achievements in the workplace is undeniably important, employers are overlooking the smaller successes that actually influence expected everyday behaviours.

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RBC employees hit the links to drive employee engagement

Posted by Kevin Butler   July 27, 2016

Efficient, reliable internal communications has a huge impact on shaping a company’s corporate culture. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) understands the value of keeping employees well informed and connected. Engaged employees become activists who are engaged in the company and the community.

As a long-time supporter of the Canadian Open golf tournament, RBC needed a way to communicate to employees the exciting news about the renewal of their sponsorship commitment to the Canadian Open for another 6 years. That's where TemboSocial came in to help deliver the RBC ‘6 Fore 6’ Contest. What was up for grabs? A chance to win one of 6 golf vacation packages!

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Media mention: Forbes - "The HR software market reinvents itself" by Josh Bersin

Posted by Justina Dukelow   July 21, 2016

TemboSocial is honoured to be mentioned in Josh Bersin's latest Forbes article entitled "The HR Software Market Reinvents Itself". In this article, Josh Bersin dives deeply into how "the $14-plus billion marketplace for HR software and platforms is reinventing itself".

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There's no "I" in employee engagement

Posted by Steven Green   July 7, 2016

Remember those middle school inspirational posters that reminded you there's no "I" in team? Well, the same is true of employee engagement: it's not a "one-man show," no matter how brilliant your ideas are.

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How leading enterprises are measuring community engagement

Posted by Steven Green   June 29, 2016

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Toronto stop on Jive’s 2016 “Power of Connection” tour. The luncheon featured speakers Tim Wike, formerly of Thomson Reuters and now Sharper Solutions, John Miller from Scotiabank, and Martin Teasdale from the Royal Bank of Canada. The panel covered topics ranging from Intranet adoption to engagement measurement.

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4 ways you can stimulate your employee culture

Posted by Steven Green   June 21, 2016

Culture is the hottest topic in business today for good reason. Culture, talent retention, and employee engagement are the top challenges facing business leaders. According to Gallup’s  latest employee engagement survey , only 32% of the U.S. workforce believes they are engaged at work. The majority (50.8%) considers themselves “not engaged”, meaning they are likely counting down the minutes until the clock strikes 5pm when they can run out the door.  17.2% are actively disengaged - these people want to kill you, or at least your business. What is critical to good employee culture?  Effective communication.
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