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Media Mention: InsightaaS - Cloud services going rogue on corporate intranets

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 28, 2015

In an article for InsightaaS published on July 22, 2015, Denise Deveau spoke to Julian Mills, Head of Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media for BMO Financial Group, and Steven Green, President and Founder of TemboSocial, about the importance of integrating cloud solutions into the corporate intranet for seamless and secure experiences.

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3 Strategies for Communicating Corporate Values

Posted by David Bator   July 17, 2015

I recently connected with a communications professional in a LinkedIn community who was searching for ideas about launching and communicating corporate values as part of a new culture progam. The corporate values were fairly standard -- an articulation of the mission and vision, and a series of values with the standards of behavior associated with each value.

During my career I've had experience both launching values programs and breathing new life to them. There are three key components to a program that thrives.

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Five Reasons Non Monetary Recognition is Better than Cash

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 8, 2015

Give a chicken a kernel of corn and it will play the piano. That was the premise of an old carnival game - where a trained chicken pecks on toy piano keys after a coin is dropped in the slot. The trick works pretty well but you can’t say that the chicken is engaged in the performance. The bird will not continue practicing its scales once the anticipated reward has been delivered.

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Media Mention: Ignite Mag - Click + Praise

Posted by Elysha Ames   July 6, 2015

In an interview with Ignite, TemboSocial Founder and President Steven Green talks about the power of social recognition programs that are integrated into the corporate intranet.

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People First: Barb Burns, VP Org Excellence & Development, WSPS

Posted by Steven Green   June 30, 2015

We’re tracking down TemboSocial users inside the world’s most amazing companies to discover their favorite tools, inspirations, pet peeves and the philosophy behind what makes them so awesome. This month, we chatted with Barb Burns - ‎VP Organizational Excellence and Development at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, a dynamic $43-million organization that offers unparalleled health & safety expertise, insight and solutions for creating healthy work environments across Ontario, Canada. In March of 2015 they deployed TemboSocial Recognition, branded as “Applause” on their SharePoint intranet.

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BMO Disproves Studies - Leverage your Intranet to Involve Employees

Posted by Elysha Ames   June 16, 2015

Many companies struggle to get employees excited about the corporate intranet. Studies show that employees are reluctant to spend time following  or contributing to the company portal—even though the same employees are active on external social media.

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Social Recognition is the Key to Enterprise Intranet

Posted by Steven Green   June 10, 2015

Social technology is inherently transformational. When used effectively, it can move a business from transactional to interactional. Making this leap requires changing the way we relate to our employees and coworkers. It demands acknowleding the skills, gifts and talents of your employees.

Building a Culture of Recognition

When TemboSocial first rolled out Recognition, social recognition that integrates with enterprise intranets, it unlocked the potential for companies to build a culture of recognition within an organization. A report from Accelir, a strategic HR advisory firm, cites creating a culture of recognition as one of the leading trends in business today.

Employee recognition does even more than build engagement and lower a company’s churn, it also builds intelligence into the organization. When you learn that Bob down in Accounting is not just a bean counter but in his spare time he's  also a master furniture maker and a mentor to juniors in the office, you suddenly see a whole lot more potential in your staff. Maybe Bob has some useful input on the look-and-feel of the new web portal that’s under development.

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How TemboSocial helped RBC involve 24,000 employees in Blue Water Day

Posted by Elysha Ames   June 8, 2015

Clean water is our planet’s most important liquid asset - which maybe explains why one of North America’s leading financial institutions takes freshwater conservation very seriously. Since 2007, Royal Bank of Canada has pledged nearly $44 million to more than 740 charitable organizations worldwide that protect watersheds and promote access to clean drinking water. An additional $8.8 million has been pledged to universities for water programs.

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TemboSocial Recognition for Jive 8/Cloud

Posted by Steven Green   June 4, 2015

With the recent release of Jive 8, many powerful new features are available to help you work better together. We have all by now heard about Tiles, News and Custom Streams. In this article, we’ll show you how TemboSocial, as the official Jive Technology Partner for Employee Recognition, leverages the new Jive 8 features to make giving and sharing recognition stories another great way to make employees smarter about company business, share repeatable behaviors across the organization and bring to life your mission, vision and values.
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Media Mention: HR Magazine - Next Generation Employee Engagement Tools

Posted by Elysha Ames   June 3, 2015

TemboSocial is proud to be recognized as a 'next generation employee engagement tool' by
HR Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the May 29, 2015 article: 
Social recognition and engagement platforms

Forget the yearly engagement survey, a raft of new technologies means engagement can be a daily, not yearly, occurrence. Here's our pick of the best. 

Social recognition and engagement platforms & how they increase engagement

Individuals respond well to their efforts being disseminated to wider audiences rather than remaining behind closed doors. It makes recognition much more of an everyday process. “This often results in idea-sharing where employees discover repeatable behaviours from 

their peers through the public nature of the recognition program,” explains Steven Green, president at social recognition provider TemboSocial.

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