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For Speedier Problem-Solving Don’t Act So Fast

Posted by Steven Green   January 23, 2015

What do you do when a crisis emerges? Chances are that you spring into action and handle the situation. But not so fast - if you were to look closely at your course of action you might notice some steps at the beginning that you didn’t even know you were taking. The earliest stages of handling a crisis or solving a problem are often overlooked by organizations.

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Three Ways to Start Building Trust Among Employees

Posted by Steven Green   January 20, 2015

Picture a SWAT team going from room-to-room in a dangerous hostage situation. When the “point man” enters a room she needs to be confident that her flankers will cover her if a threat emerges. Likewise the first flanker into the room needs to know that the point man has done a thorough scan of the room and eliminated potential threats.

Without a high degree of trust, a crisis entry would break down. Team-members second-guess the situation. They start looking out for themselves instead of their teammates, meaning they are no longer playing their assigned role. The entire team can quickly lose control of the situation.

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Why Online Brainstorming is Better than a Conference Room

Posted by Steven Green   January 16, 2015

Get everyone in the same room and we’ll get better results. Right? Well, maybe not. For one thing, when everyone is all in one room you have to take turns sharing. And while you’re waiting your turn you might decide your idea is stupid, or obvious, or simply not relevant to the course the conversation took while you were waiting.

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Four Disciplines for Better Innovation

Posted by Steven Green   January 14, 2015

Think outside the box, color outside the lines, bend the rules - when we talk about creativity and the divergent thinking that if often takes to move innovation forward we start thinking about a mindset that needs to be free to roam.

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To Find the Best Solution, Stop Looking for a Solution.

Posted by Steven Green   January 8, 2015

We’ve all had a boss who insists “I don’t want to hear about problems. I want solutions.” From a management perspective this makes perfect sense. You can’t make a decision about a course of action when all you have are problems.

The downside of this approach is that it rewards quick results over deep thinking. If the boss wants solutions, that’s what she’ll get. What the company won’t get is the best thinking employees have to offer.

The Harder You Work, the Worse Things Get

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The 4 best ways to crowdsource ideas this year

Posted by David Bator   January 6, 2015

You know that there are great minds at work all through your organization. You also know that powerful tools like TemboSocial Ideas you can help you cast a wide net and collect the best thinking from all through the business. But one thing to keep in mind when enlisting the crowd to generate fresh new ideas - it all starts with a team.

The crowd can be one of your best resources for idea generation, but the crowd isn’t so good at making decisions or taking action. For this you need a team of innovators who can recognize the best ideas from the crowd and knows how to move forward to the next step.

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4 ways to build a culture of innovation with employee recognition

Posted by David Bator   December 4, 2014

You wouldn’t dream of running your business without productivity goals, standards or key performance indicators. Yet when it comes to the early stages of innovation - brainstorming and idea generation in particular - a lot of business leaders don’t know what to do. They give their staff a bunch of whiteboards, ping pong tables and bean bag chairs and hope for the best.

Building a culture of innovation isn’t magic. While the creative process is sometimes mysterious there are definitely things you can do to manage the process and promote better outcomes. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to provide the right kind of employee recognition for employees on your creative teams.

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3 Reasons Problem Solving Don't Solve Problems

Posted by Steven Green   December 2, 2014

My mechanic once told me about a customer who came into his shop for an oil change. A week later the customer was back and was boiling mad - “I want the old oil put back.”
It turns out that the car had an engine noise that was getting worse every week. The customer wrongly assumed that the condition of the motor oil was causing the noise. Because the noise got worse after the oil change the fault must have been with the new oil.

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Why idea generation is driven by backup performers, not rock stars

Posted by Steven Green   November 18, 2014

I’m always amazed at how much effort organizations will put into finding the next “Rock Star.” As if a single individual is the best way to come up with the Next Big Idea and save the company. Sure, it’s great to have a strong frontman at the center of the stage. But don’t underestimate the value of seasoned backup performers when it comes to idea generation.

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4 ways social media can be good for business

Posted by Steven Green   November 6, 2014

For many businesses, social media is viewed as a significant time suck and productivity waster. Several studies have even "confirmed" this assertion over the years. For example, IT services group Morse conducted research back in 2009 - when the social media boom was still relatively young - and found that these sites cost companies in the United Kingdom the equivalent of $2.25 billion every year. With the rise of mobile devices that ping people every time something new happens on their networks and the growth of established social media sites since then, it is easy to assume that figure has only grown since the research was initially conducted.

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