Our Philosophy

The winds of change will always blow. We’ll fly the innovation kite high and continue to lead the way forward with technology solutions. But one thing will remain constant: our commitment to service. Old fashioned, there when you need us, the customer comes first, kind of service.

Our Values

We believe in paddling upstream. Going with the flow is easier, but putting in the effort is the only way to get exactly where you want to go. We believe in collaboration. Two people paddling provide more power than one. We believe in old-school service, so much so that we’ll get in the canoe and paddle with you however far you want to go.


Our Culture

We practice what we preach. Communication. Community. There is power in numbers, and we put this to work everyday through collaboration. We’re a collection of out-of-the box thinkers and doers. We innovate because we’re driven to make things better, not just new and different. Our culture embraces the best of both worlds: tomorrow’s technology paired with long-standing relationships with employees and clients. We throw out antiquated processes that don’t work, like limiting people to just their job titles. And we hold on to what’s important, like a work-life balance.


Giving Back

We support Sleeping Children around the world (SCAW). Through them our donations provide bedkits to children of any race and/or religion who will benefit the most, typically living in underdeveloped and developing countries. No portion of a bedkit donation is spent on administration. One hundred percent of donations reach needy children.