TemboSocial Solutions for Igloo

Leverage your Igloo Intranet investment to drive performance and engagement within your organization

Claudia Schiepers, CMO at Greystone
"Thanks to TemboSocial, the ‘Greystone Shout Out’ in Igloo has become an important component of our employee culture. This online tool allows us to instantly recognize each other when employees personify the Greystone culture. TemboSocial Recognition was a perfect fit for the culture we envisioned."
Claudia Schiepers
- Chief Marketing Officer, Greystone


TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls for Igloo

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls for Igloo

Create rich, multi-question Surveys, Forms, Polls, Quizzes and Learning & Development modules that engage, educate and drive your audience to deeper content pages.

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls provide Marketing and Communications with a single solution to create:

Surveys for measurement and feedback

Polls to gather opinions

Quizzes with scoring to test knowledge. Learning and Development made easy

Forms to capture data directly to Excel

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TemboSocial Recognition for Igloo

Leverage your investment in Igloo to bring a highly visible, unified, values-based recognition program to your audience.

Discover a modern solution to manage your formal awards program. The Awards and Nominations module makes the entire process of managing nomination-based awards easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for participants, reviewers and administrators.
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TemboSocial Recognition for Igloo

TemboSocial Ideas for Igloo

TemboSocial Ideas for Igloo

Take brainstorming sessions out from behind closed doors. Move them to a collaborative space inside your Igloo environment where there is no limit to participants, or ideas. It captures information, jump-starts dialogue, and helps to determine priority.

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