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Leverage your Intranet investment to drive performance and engagement within your organization

"TemboSocial and LumApps share the same vision putting employees at the heart of the digital workplace and at the heart of your company. TemboSocial together with LumApps Social Intranet help you build a strong corporate culture of dialog, recognition and engagement"
Renaud Perrier
Chief Product Officer at LumApps


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TemboSocial Employee Recognition for LumApps

Leverage your investment in LumApps to bring a highly visible, unified, values-based recognition program to LumApps with the TemboSocial Add-On.

Discover a modern solution to manage your formal awards program. The Awards and Nominations module makes the entire process of managing nomination-based awards easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for participants, reviewers and administrators.
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TemboSocial Feedback for LumApps

An integrated solution for LumApps. Create rich, multi-question Surveys, Forms, Polls, Quizzes and Learning & Development modules that engage, educate and drive your audience to deeper content pages.

TemboSocial Feedback is a single solution to create:

  • Surveys for measurement and feedback
  • Polls to gather opinions
  • Quizzes with scoring to test knowledge. Learning and Development made easy
  • Forms to capture data directly to Excel
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TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls for Jive