Awards and Nominations for TemboSocial Recognition

Awards and Nominations for TemboSocial Recognition

A modern solution for your formal awards and nominations program that is easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for participants, reviewers and administrators.

Features & Benefits

Introduce a modern solution for your formal awards program

Make it easy for employees to submit nominations to your formal award program. Increase the number of nominations you receive while reducing marketing and administration costs.

Your employees will love the experience, and there's no limit to the number of submissions you can collect.

  • Create custom nomination forms
  • Define rules for who can submit and who can receive nominations
  • Manage enterprise-wide, departmental and local awards
  • Increase visibility of formal awards program
  • Eliminate the need to manage a separate employee database
A modern solution for your formal awards program

Introduce total transparency to your nomination, shortlisting, and awarding workflow

Manage your shortlisting workflow and reporting with ease

Real-time reporting introduces total transparency to your nomination and shortlisting workflow.  No longer is the Award Committee left wondering if nomination targets are being achieved or left hoping that the Shortlisters are reviewing their submissions.
  • Automatically assign shortlisting responsibilities
  • No new portal or logins required - Shortlisting is completed directly within the company Intranet
  • Allow Shortlisters to share and collaborate on nominations
  • Provide the Award Committee with real-time nomination and shortlisting activity reporting
  • Export nomination and shortlist data to Excel reports

Work smarter and more efficiently

Manage all your Awards and Nominations in one place. Make use of the flexible Rule Builder to configure, automate and customize the process for each award in your program.

Spend less time and money on administrative tasks and program promotion, and more time shaping your culture and driving engagement.

  • Create workflows for nominations including the ability to progress award recipients through the next levels of your program
  • Automate reminders and notifications to Shortlisters
  • Grant Executive stakeholders access to activity reporting
  • Eliminate the overhead of managing a vendor-specific employee database
Work smarter and more efficiently with the entire awarding workflow in one place

TemboSocial Award Showcase

Showcase award winners inside your Intranet

Celebrate your winners inside the Recognition Portal Gallery as well as through Banners across your Intranet. This will encourage coworkers and managers to like, comment and share the achievements and inspire more great performance within your organization.

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Modernize your formal awards program

Learn more about how you can leverage the Awards and Nominations module inside TemboSocial Recognition.

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