Our infographics offer a light and informative view of the world of employee engagement and social recognition.

How Personal Legacy Propels Enterprise Success

An employee's personal legacy is the sum of their contributions, large and small. Encouraging personal legacy through social recognition has a powerful ripple effect, one that propels enterprise success. Allow your employees to share, celebrate and infuse success stories into the corporate intranet.


How Social Recognition Delivers More For Less

The right social recognition program unleashes social and intellectual capital. It leverages an organization's people and their stories, builds networks, enhances connections between employees, and transforms recognition into a valuable asset for employee development and collaboration.


Social Recognition Matters

The #1 reason people leave their job is lack of appreciation. This infographic illustrates why social recognition programs and the power of peer-to-peer recognition matter. Learn how the right social recognition program increases employee motivation and retention.


TD WOW Moments

One sure way to build engagement is to involve employees in your recognition program, giving them the opportunity to praise, congratulate and support their peers for a job well done. That's what TD Canada Trust was thinking when it implemented an internal social networking program it calls "Wow Moments."