Real Engagement Event – Intranet 2.0 With Toby Ward, Feb 8, 2012

61% of organizations have introduced at least one social tool on their intranet yet most executives are less than satisfied with their functionality, according to a new study on The Social Intranet.

View the Archived Real Engagement event with Toby Ward and Steven Green to hear answers to real Intranet 2.0 questions submitted by you peers.

Real Engagement Post-Event.

Our Experts

Toby Ward, CEO, Prescient Digital Media

Toby Ward is the founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media and is peerless as a specialist in web and intranet planning and measurement. Toby will answer questions on how to make sure your intranet enables employees to make connections and collaborate with leaders and each other.


Steven Green, President, TemboSocial

Toby will be joined by TemboSocial founder Steven Green who will offer a peek behind the firewall at how organizations are successfully blending strategy and social tools to transform their intranets into valuable business instruments.