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Solutions always begin with understanding

David Bator
by David Bator on August 24, 2020

Any time you throw technology at a problem you’re dead in the water. Solutions always begin with understanding.

There are so many tools to keep remote workers connected and build bridges to safely return to work. It’s a program-focused approach and not a feature-focused one that will ensure those bonds remain strong.

Solutions always begin with understandingTake employee recognition for example. Everyone agrees that a “social” approach to employee recognition is a win-win because it gives employees and your company values an opportunity to earn the visibility they so richly deserve.

But I’ve never spoken to one customer in 10 years who was simply in search of a recognition feature.

There’s always something happening in the business that drives the search for something better.

“Driving better adoption has always been the aim of many digital workplace teams, but all too often the focus for adoption has always been to try and drive up the numbers of users," writes Steve Bynghall in an article for Reworked.

“Now that perhaps use of the digital workplace has scaled up it's possible there will be more emphasis on how to use tools so they deliver value for everybody.”

Here's how our customer Ricoh USA, Inc. used their employee recognition to drive customer success.

How Ricoh socializes customer feedback using banners

David Bator
Written by David Bator

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