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How to Curate the Workplace for a Stellar Employee Experience

Steven Green
by Steven Green on June 17, 2019

Tell me if this sounds familiar - you get an email from Corporate about an important policy change. It’s not something you can act on today. It’s not something you can put on your calendar. You know it’s important but where can you put stash the message so that you don’t lose it or forget about the policy when you do need to act on it?

This type of communication can be a challenge even for a Getting Things Done ninja. And they are becoming more frequent. The typical employee gets bombarded with messages delivered through email, corporate portal announcements, notifications inside core business applications, Slack, Teams, SharePoint, etc. It’s exhausting and can make a person feel like they spend half their time inside an inbox.

How Curated Content Can Make a Difference

Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Study identifies workplace curation as one of the top trends that employers will need to address in83266530 the coming year. By helping employees filter out the noise and find relevant content when they need it, communications professionals can vastly reshape the workplace environment.

Enabling the workforce to thrive requires a redesign of the work experience to ensure the right information and opportunities are visible at the right time, and to foster employees’ sense of connection to each other and to their company.

In this era of “Bring Your Own Device” or sometimes even “Bring Your Own Software,” employees need a clear, coherent information space to connect with the organization and team members.

HR as Custodian of Employee Experience

Human Resources has a huge role to play in workplace content creation. As the creators and disseminators of employee communications, HR has traditionally had at least one toe in the communications game. But the shift to the Digital Workplace is disrupting traditional top-down methods of communication.

This shift means communications professionals can be more effective helping employees find relevant user-generated information than they can be in a more traditional role of creating and publishing content on their own. In much the same way that bloggers like Jason Kottke guide readers to interesting and useful features on the web, HR professionals can use their corporate platform to guide employees to “news they can use.”

@Mentions, Likes and Congratulations

Some of the most powerful tools available to corporate content curators are familiar from the world of social media. @Mentions, for example, are an easy way to highlight and socialize important concepts and make them easier for workers to retrieve this information in the future.

Are you planning a corporate event? Make sure you also create a hashtag for the event and encourage employees to use the hashtag when they live-tweet or post to Instagram.

“Likes” are another critical tool that we’ve found extremely effective at TemboSocial. When employees like a comment or a Recognition they are also helping to move the item toward the top of the stack of important news. Even though the like button is intuitive to use, it can help when the content curator reinforces the usefulness of this feature by calling out the top most-liked items of the week.

Recognition - It’s More than a Pat on the Back

We’ve found that the TemboSocial Recognition platform is so popular with employees in its own right that it’s easy to overlook the platform’s potential as a “secret weapon” to bust through information overload. Workers like to receive recognition from their peers. They also enjoy sending congratulations for a job well done and see it as an easy way to add value to workplace culture.

TemboSocial Recognition goes beyond letting employees give each other “high fives”, as important as that is to building a vibrant workplace culture. The Recognition platform memorializes employee contributions, giving individual workers a way to create an “accomplishment profile.”

TemboSocial’s Recognition Gallery works as a Who’s Who inside the organization, helping you find achievers, mentors, and connectors who can help you get stuff done.. How many times have you come across a problem at work that could best be resolved in another department…but you haven’t a clue which department or where to start asking?

Staying On Target

A stellar employee experience is like having a well-tailored suit. You have a deep sense that it belongs to you because it fits so well.

TemboSocial can help you create customized, well-curated conversations with your workforce by making it easy to create rich, engaging and interactive communications. On top of that we employee logic to help you ensure that your messages get to exactly the right people.


Learn more about designing an employee experience with TemboSocial Recognition.


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Steven Green
Written by Steven Green

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