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Sustaining productivity and positivity at work

David Bator
by David Bator on June 1, 2020

Among the many things, the digital workplace needs to be ALWAYS ON to sustain productivity, and positivity at work.

That means anywhere, anytime, any browser, device, and language.

The moment we’re in demands that we connect - employees, cultures, offices, locations, regions, lines of business, languages, generation - and it’s our digital workplace that will help us do it.

This is critical because there’s no other way to access the intangible value that lies within our employees than to connect them. Sustaining productivity and positivity in the workplace

When we are ALWAYS ON we are able to learn from what employees know.

When we are ALWAYS ON we learn that knowledge and expertise are not contained at one level of the organization.

When we are ALWAYS ON we see that involving employees in the feedback loop delivers enormous value in solving problems, discovering efficiencies and delighting customers.

Here's how TemboSocial customer, American Advisors Group made sure their digital workplace was ALWAYS ON by bringing their employee recognition program inside Microsoft 365 so that employee achievements and awards were visible to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

How Employee Recognition Helped Make American Advisors Group a "Top Workplace"

David Bator
Written by David Bator

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