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Winners and Losers

David Bator
by David Bator on July 31, 2019

When I look at a sales organization, it's easy to keep score. It's easy to assess winners and losers and it's easier to coach towards performance, especially with a strong playbook. When I look at every other part of the business, it's a lot tougher.

Winner losers

And yet, what's true of every team member is that we want to have purpose.

We want the work we do to be meaningful. We want to understand how the little things we do each day connect to the broader purpose of the organization.

We want to be recognized for the role we play in helping the team win.

I spoke to a customer this week that was evolving their recognition program for this reason - to ensure it wasn't just sales leaders that earned the spotlight each month, quarter and year.

Moving forward, they are embracing an everyday, always on approach to recognizing behaviors that make customer acquisition - and retention - possible in the first place.

Most importantly - I think - they are ensuring THESE STORIES have maximum visibility by bringing them to life inside SharePoint, Outlook and Yammer - using TemboSocial - reaching employees at their point of performance.

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David Bator
Written by David Bator

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