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BMO Disproves Studies: Leverage the Intranet to Engage and Involve Employees in Innovation

Many companies struggle to get employees excited about the corporate Intranet. Studies show that employees are reluctant to spend time following or contributing to the company portal—even though the same employees are active on external social media.

If the company portal is such a tough sell, why does Julian Mills see the Intranet as a launch pad for employee engagement throughout the organization?

Justina Dukelow
By Justina Dukelow
on August 11, 2017
How do you recognize your talented employees?

Heroes, champions, role models. There are times when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty. Maybe she's the most reliable and consistent member of the team. Or perhaps he came...

David Bator
By David Bator
on July 20, 2017
How Senior Leadership Can Improve Employee Communication

Too often, corporate managers adopt an outdated approach to employee communications. Instead of conducting thoughtful conversations, senior leadership at many organizations simply rely...

Justina Dukelow
By Justina Dukelow
on July 5, 2017
3 Strategies for Communicating Corporate Values

Are you looking for ideas around launching and communicating corporate values as part of a new culture program? Or perhaps you'd like to breathe new life into your existing values? 


David Bator
By David Bator
on June 5, 2017
Culture in 8 words

Culture has become a term that we wave at  companies like a geiger counter. Are they healthy or radioactive?  

“Uber has a sexist brogrammer culture.”

“Zappos is so concerned with...

Steven Green
By Steven Green
on March 16, 2017
What is Social Recognition?

Social Recognition is the process of providing employees with the tools to create meaningful relationships with each other. By empowering them to celebrate the successes and behaviours...

Steven Green
By Steven Green
on February 21, 2017
How employee recognition in SharePoint turned applause into ovation

And helped three organizations become one

When three organizations merged to form Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), growing pains were unavoidable. Tripartite systems and...

Steven Green
By Steven Green
on January 27, 2017
Faint Praise: An Employee Recognition Program Post-Mortem

I sat down for a coffee with an HR Director who contacted me about their ailing employee recognition program.

By ailing I mean mostly dead. It had started well, they said. But...

Steven Green
By Steven Green
on January 19, 2017
3 ways an employee recognition program helps managers be better managers

Managing people isn't easy. According to Peter Drucker, the job of a manager is divided into 5 basic tasks: setting objectives, organizing, motivating and communicating, measuring, and...

Elysha Ames
By Elysha Ames
on December 6, 2016
Written by